Enough About Them

The truth is that none of the people reading this is ever likely to be in the olympics, or the world cup, or the NFL for that matter.  Heck, most will never compete in a local 5k, much less have designs on winning one. Admit it, you are far too fond of spending time at the beach with a good book.

But even for you there is a solution. While you are not likely to do much physically when you are at the beach bar an occasional sally into the water, you still have to actually get to the beach. And that’s your chance to join the ranks of the at least marginally physically fit.

Perhaps in days gone by you had designs on owning one of those many speed road racer bikes and getting out for long sweaty fitness inducing rides through the country. Then reality set in and you realized that that was never likely to happen. And along the way you gave up on the idea of ever using a bicycle as a tool for getting in shape. That’s a shame.

bike to the beachWhile you will never likely go back to the days when being a road racer seemed like a good idea, there are bikes that are probably a perfect fit for the new laid back you. I’m talking about beach cruiser bicycles (follow the link for more information on beach cruisers).

You don’t necessarily have to give up on your dreams of world domination. Cruiser bikes are a version of the hybrid bicycles that are becoming popular these days. While certainly more laid back than hybrid road bikes or mountain bikes, you can still find cruiser bicycles that have many gears. So if the mood strikes you you can bomb your way to the beach like you were young again. At least if the beach isn’t too far away…

But if you have cast aside those dreams, that’s okay. You can get a beach cruise that only has one speed. A nice simple durable bike just like the first ones you had before all the new fangled technology got in the way of a nice ride. And it’s not as if taking a leisurely ride down the road has no utility as far as improving your fitness goes. In fact, more and more professional tell-you-what-to-do types are admitting that any level of effort has positive affects on your well being.

Other components of well being are a good diet and – you’ll like this – relaxation, with the addition of a cruiser bike to your regimen you will be killing two health promoting  activities with one proverbial stone. Throw a book in the basket that looks so good on that fat tire bike and would never have gone on your road racer, bike on down to the beach and relax in the sun with a good tale. Fitness and fun all wrapped up in one colorful package.

The Splendor of Competition


It’s time once again for the Olympics. That spectator sport that we not only watch for the drama it contains, but to admire the dedication of the athletes who have been gifted with the physical and mental attributes that allow them to rise to the very top of their respective areas.

It may be that the mental toughness involved is more impressive than the physical ones. For every one of the athletes that compete at a venue like the olympics there are ten or a hundred more that probably have the raw physical abilities to compete there. But they either never received the right opportunity at the right time to develop, or got a start and just didn’t have what it takes to to reach the highest levels.

Everyone who has tried to stick to anything, a diet or an exercise plan, should have at least a bare glimmering of what it must take to push yourself day after day to achieve a far off goal. Perhaps the next time we attempt it we can think back to this Olympic competition and the admiration we feel, and use that to understand that the discipline it takes to get off the couch, or to push away from the table is only a shadow of the intense will it must take to compete with the best in the world.

Remember, just as you wouldn’t really expect to look like Arnold in his prime, you aren’t expecting to flawlessly execute a diet regimen in the way that a model whose whole livelihood depends on them not gaining weight. Just do the best you can. Have just a slight bit more will and focus.

That will be fine. You can do that.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program


Looking Good

When they say beauty comes from within, they are only dissembling a little. There certainly is truth in the saying, because a beautiful smile that comes honestly from within is a very attractive feature.

But there is more to the saying as well, because love of oneself is an important factor when it comes to being willing (or thinking you are deserving of) putting in the effort to take care of yourself. Not taking care for yourself is one of the things that can really begin to show, especially if it goes on for years. Your personality eventually snows itself on your face and more.

Hopefully you are one that understands that you need to stay healthy to be healthy. You need to eat well, you need to care enough about yourself to stay active, however you would best like to do that. So get up tomorrow, eat something healthy and get outside for a bit to do something more than sit in the sun. Move.

And stop back here soon for more.